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P6780B - Logic Probe

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P6780B - Logic Probe

17 Channel Differential Input Logic Probe

The P6717A and P6780 logic probes break out 16 data channels and 1 clock/data channel over 2 flying lead sets (Group 1 and Group 2). Each lead set includes eight leads that have a positive signal input on one side and a negative input on the opposite side for connecting to individual test points. Group 2 also includes a clock/qualifier input.

On the P6750 logic probe, the D-Max® contact on the probe eliminates the need for a built-in connector. Instead, the probe attaches directly to a mating PCB footprint and retention assembly designed into your Device Under Test (DUT). The P6750 probe is secured to the DUT with two thumbscrews. Each of the 16 data channels has a signal input on one side and a ground input on the opposite

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