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MDO4104C - Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

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MDO4104C - Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

1.0GHz (Bandwidth)
Tektronix MDO4104C

New - Tektronix MDO4104C1 GHz, 4-Channel, 5 GS/s Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Engineering designs today are a complex mix of processors, serial buses, and wireless interfaces. At the core of the MDO4000C is a reputable Tektronix oscilloscope paired with an expandable platform. Customize it to your testing needs. Add 16 logic channels, a 50 MHz arbitrary/function generator, protocol analysis, and an integrated true hardware 3 or 6 GHz spectrum analyzer to help tackle complex designs challenges.


Integrated triggered acquisition system - over 125 trigger combinations in the time AND frequency domains
20 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
True spectrum analyzer hardware enables real spectrum analysis
Expandable functionality ensures usefulness well into the future

Installation & Safety, 4 Passive Probes 090-0076-02, Power Cord


Scope Channels

Digital Channels

Sample Rate

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